Global Sevilla International School Jakarta Barat
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Get to Know the School Values of Global Sevilla International School Jakarta Barat

School is one of the places that students spend most of their time learning numerous things. The students will learn some essential aspects of life, such as emotional development, academic goals, and positive values. Thus, as an international school Jakarta Barat, Global Sevilla implements three essential values to teach the students. Here is the information you should know.

Three Values that Used at Global Sevilla as International School

  1. Giving Values

Giving is one of the values taught at Global Sevilla. The students should help each other without expecting anything back. It will shape the student’s habitual character to be a generous person in their life. Giving values is beneficial to make a positive difference in students’ behavior. Whether small or big acts that they give to others can make them a better person.

  1. Self-Control Values

The next value at Global Sevilla is self-control. It is an essential aspect of the student’s life to avoid undesirable behaviors. This behavior can lead the student to achieve long-term goals. The students at the international school Jakarta Barat are expected to have self-control values to gain balanced academic and positive characteristics.

Besides that, students will learn about the skills to regulate their performance, behaviors, and emotions at the same time. They will know how to behave and act in the class, such as to answer properly. It is essential for the students to shape their positive character while enrolling as students at Global Sevilla.

  1. Compassion Values

In compassion values, the students will learn about being generous, kind, and honest. Global Sevilla gives the students big opportunities to develop empathy. These values teach the student to help each other. Also, the students will learn some positive aspects, such as shows the willingness to lend a hand is vital to each other.

As an international school Jakarta Barat, Global Sevilla offers an excellent curriculum that can develop young learners’ compassion values from an early age. The student will be able to help each other without focusing on a different background, race, religion, ethnicity, and social. With this in mind, they will learn that all humans are equal and precious.

Global Sevilla plays as an international school that helps to shape both students’ mindset and performance. The aim of implementing self-control values can improve positive behavior than emotion. Giving values can shape students more generously and kinder to each other. While in compassion values, the students will learn that all humans are equal and important.